Front Linkage and Front Hitch

At Jacobsens Grange Farm Machinery we have a vast knowledge on the effort that goes in to the day to day running of a working farm. We have this knowledge from the generations of farming knowledge from running our own farm. Jacobsens Grange Farm has been a working farm for generations, Comprising of a vast 800 acres of our own land and 280 extra acres of rented land, we produce a variety of crops and potatoes including, Maris Piper, spring barley and Oilseed rape, along with Swedes. We also had a flock of 750 Scotch mules.

In the past 12 years we decided to put our array of farm knowledge into diversification of products and took the decision to import and supply agricultural machinery. One of our main imports is Front linkage systems, also known as Front Hitches. We import and supply Degenhart, Aigner and Sauter Front Linkages, Front Hitchers and PTO's (power take-offs). The Front Linkage systems we supply revolutionised modern farming. Allowing machinery such as snow ploughs, small harvesters and ploughs to be attached to the front of tractors via three point hitches, improving the functionality and vision for the operator, as well as saving money, front linkage systems can transform small farm tractors into a variety of functioning machines.

The models we supply vary in brand and power. The Degenhart Front Linkage System comprises of a welded frame design that can be fitted to the front of most tractors including John Deere models. It has a double acting lifting cylinder, increasing its weight limit and stability. The rocking arm is cast from a special alloy providing greater strength and its steel bushings are Teflon coated creating a more hardwearing and value for money front linkage system. The Degenhart also features extra practical elements including a towing fork and chain hangers.

We also supply the Aigner front systems, available to fit a variety of tractors. The Aigner front hitch system is fitted with Walterscheid link hooks as standard, which can be folded up out of the way or taken off completely. The Sauter Front linkage system provides strong front hitches with firm side rails to allow for the use of the heaviest accessories. This allows maximum angle turning and ground clearance. The Sauter comes with hydraulic controls for easy control. All our front linkage systems have differing weight allowances so please contact us to discuss you options.