There are two differet size of PTO gearbox available on 6000 & 7000 range tractors.

All PTO's are 1000 rpm on a six spline shaft, standard rotation of the PTO's is Anti -Clockwise when viewed from standing in front of the tractor looking at the shaft.

A  Clockwise  rotation is possible on series 2 PTO's

  Series 1

  This is the series 1 gearbox which is most commonly fitted to 4 cyl. tractors and and some 6cyl. tractors. From the Crank shaft pulley there is 125 mm offset to the output shaft. However on the 6930 and above,  many customers prefer the series 2 gearbox which has a larger offset of 254 mm. This is due to the larger tractors being on larger diameter wheels  and having more ground clearance,  thus the 254 mm offset keeps the output shaft lower to the ground,  resulting in the PTO Shaft of the front attachment running at a less acute angle.

Series 2