There are two main ways in which Tuning Modules work -

1. By a plug-in unit that attaches to most Common Rail fuel lines. These units are adjustable via a potentiometer; these simply increase the amount of pressure in the fuel line thus placing more fuel into the cylinders. They work very well on most tractors.

For example; John Deere 6820, standard hp 140  increased to 175hp

However, on 30 series tractors we have found the results to be lower and not such value for money. In this case We recomend Steinbauer Modules.

2. Steinbauer Modules work in a different way, in that the tuning module has it's own brain. It picks up the output signal from the ECU and re-maps it using it's own software, It's as if the tractor now has two ECU's . The unit  then plugs into the injectors; by doing this they hold the injectors open for longer allowing more fuel into the cylinders but without forcing it into the injectors, resulting in less stress on the fuel lines.

By doing this they achieve very impressive increases in horsepower.

For example; John Deere 6830, standard 140 hp increased to 195 hp

When using certain modules some tractors can produce error codes and de-rate themselves, but this is not a problem with Steinbauer products.

Click on the link below to view the extensive range of engines and vehicles which Steinbauer modules are available for -