MIDIMATE        £ 1250

        MAXIMATE      £ 1450

        MEGAMATE    £ 1650

  Broomate Brushes

They come in various widths & fit onto any Masted Forklift, Telescopic Loader or a 3 Point Linkage. Broomate brushes allow for rapid, efficient and economical movement of many materials and the sweeping of both large and small areas. These ruggedly-made brooms consist of replaceable, extruded polypropylene bristles mounted into an industrial strength galvinised steel frame with its unique integral fork sleve hitch.

They will -

Sweep grain, rubbish, sand, gravel, glass, plastic, cans, swarf, dirt, dust, sawdust, snow, mud and water from all surfaces including heavily pitted concrete.

Sweep materials such as plastic shrink wrap and welding wire unlike rotary brushes.

Grass care - remove mole hills, worm casts, leaves and moss; and also distribute top dressing.

Level Manege's

There are three ranges of Broom - 

 The Midimate Brush with 11 rows of bristles in 6 foot width

 The Maximate Brush with 11 rows of bristles in 8 foot width

 The Megamate Brush with 11 rows of bristles in 10 foot width