•  Sauter front hitches
  •  All parts are adapted to the respective tractor type right from the drawing board
  • Firm side rails allow the use of heaviest front implements
  • Two double-acting cylinders and a sophisticated kinematic mechanism guarantee straight-through lifting power transmission - please note the admissable front axle loads of the tractor
  • Maximum angle of turn and ground clearance of the tractor are maintained
  • The strong lower  links are pivotable upwards and removable without any tools
  • A generously dimensioned float adapter, which can be locked easily and without any tools, makes for optimum adjustment to surface conditions for all front-end implements
  • Multivalve with the following functions:

                                 1.  Single-acting

                                 2.  Double-acting (for implements requiring lifting and pressing)

                                 3.  Locking of lifting and lowering (safe transport, no 

                                      un-intended lowering of the front-end implement 


  • Hydraulic conduits up to the control unit
  • Integrated shunt coupling in favourable position in series
  • All points of rotation can be lubricated
  • Front linkage is well integrated in tractor contours
  • Easy and time-saving assembly
  • A wide range of options completes the standard delivery programme

  • Sauter Front PTO
  • Well integrated in tractor contours
  • Designed for maximum continuous stress
  • Multiple-disc clutch running noiselessly in an oil bath
  • Smooth start-up characteristics for all front-end implements
  • Switch-on and -off by an electric push-button
  • Front PTO gear with integrated clutch is a complete unit with its own oil-pressure supply and therefore independent from the hydraulic system of the tractor
  • Retro-fitting without problems
  • Easy and time-saving assembly
  • Including complete mounting kit

Please note:  All details given are approximate and not binding.  Design and availability depend on tractor type and country.